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The Word of Sweets

Rodzaj: Sklep
Lokalizacja: blisko centrum
Specjalizacja: Dla dzieci

Adres: Traugutta 71
Tel: +48 502504256

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Oceniany przez Time Barker (wroclaw), 2011-01-30  
Poland is not know for vegetarianism, in fact if you ask the average Pole about their national cuisine they will probably proudly tell you that it is heavy on the meat, or at least there is a lot of it. So it may come as a surprise that Wroclaw has a couple of great vegetarian restaurants, offering a fantastic variety of Polish and non-Polish vegetarian and vegan faire. Greenway, situated just off the main market square is probably the best vegetarian restaurant I have been to. It is loved and frequented by veggies and carnivores alike, students and academics, working professionals, pensioners, mothers and babies, even entrepreneurs. Admittedly though, the majority of customers are students, I suppose because it is near the University. So why is Greenway Wroclaw so good? I think for three simple reasons. Location - it is bang slap in the middle of the town, convenient and easy to find; nestled in a busy side street, it thrives on the buzz of the city. Secondly, it is cheap. For example vegetable Enchiladas with a kind of salad (very tasty) is about 16zl (about 4 Euros). The portions are large enough so you leave repleted. And if you want the cold hard facts: The lowest price for a main dish seems to be about 11zł (about 3 Euros) and the most expensive is in the region of 20zł. (about 5 Euros) Last but not least, the food is great. The quality is consistent; they use fresh ingredients (which is not the standard for all restaurants). There is a large vegetarian and vegan choice on the menu, always well prepared and there is an effort to present the food in an attractive way. I had a curry with tofu the other day. It came with couscous and a cabbage salad. Delicious! Greenway Wroclaw is part of a chain. There is a restaurant in Gdansk and Kraków (perhaps other cities too). Actually, there is a greenway in the Magnolia shopping centre in Wroclaw. Strangely, the food does not match the caliber of the Greenway in the centre. Their grub is slopped onto paper plates and whatever I asked for seemed to be off the menu. Best avoided I think. The onus is on high class healthy food in the city centre Greenway. I don’t want to say “good and wholesome” because it implies a lack of sophistication, as some of their courses are very delicately and finely flavoured. On the downside, there can be queues at lunch time at their self service style counter, but you have to wait for you food wherever you go. Sometimes it is difficult to find a table, although I have never waited long to sit down. Occasionally, there terminal doesn’t work so paying by card can be unpredictable. Greenway are also going to have to face it! They are not going to win a Michelin star or get into Egon Ronay’s guide. It does not have the ambience and cosiness of a romantic bistro, besides it is not open for evening meals. So no candle lit suppers! However, for very very good well priced lunches in a pleasant atmosphere, amiable service, an original and sometimes exotic menu, (palatable for meat eaters); I suggest you will have to go a long way to beat Wroclaw Greenway.
Oceniany przez Mark (Bristol), 2009-02-18  
Great place!

Polecamy: Pracownia jmsSTUDIO s.c. Architekt Reszów świadczy usługi na terenie Rzeszowa i okolic.
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Oceniany: The Word of Sweets
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